For Entrepreneurial Real Estate Agents Seeking More Listings

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Without Cold Calling, Door Knocking, or Begging


Find YOUR Way and Understand the exact steps that are REAL and PRACTICAL strategies on how to take listings NOW in today's market.

May 20 - May 24, 2024

@ 12:00 PM EST to 1:00PM EST

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Dan Rochon

Best Selling Author

Wondering what this course covers?

Here are some of the things that you will learn:

What can you get at the end of this challenge?

  • Discover YOUR Way to Take Listings

    ​Where to Get Seller Leads (This Works in Today’s Market)

  • How to Get Hired More Often

  • Make More Money

  • Save time

  • How to Beat the ‘Local Neighborhood’ Agent

  • Exclusive Access to CPI 5 Day Listing Challenge Portal

  • Dan Rochon’s #1 Way to Take-Two Listings Each Week

  • How to Take Your First (or 70th) Listing

  • Where to Get Seller Leads

  • How to Set the Expectations of Your Seller


A real estate agent who has peaks and valleys in their income


They want consistent and predictable income and to take listings every week

Dan Rochon, who has averaged 7.2 listings taken for each of the past 132 months , will show you how to get a listing in real-time. He will explain to you how, then show you how while doing the activity, and then he will help you discover YOUR WAY on how to take listings in Today's market.

Dan Rochon’s purpose in life is to help people achieve their greatness and to open doorways for their success through his teaching, coaching, and mentorship. He leads the Greetings Virginia Sales Network for his agents and staff to exceed expectations.

Dan is the Author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to (C.P.I.) -Consistent and Predictable Income

As a real estate sales agent, Dan and his team are consistently top producers in their marketplace and provide solutions for their clients. Through their investment company, Dan and Traci Rochon have been investing in residential and commercial real estate ventures for more than the past two decades.
The media often quotes Dan Rochon, and he frequently speaks about the current real estate market. The Rochon's have been featured on The Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, CNBC, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, WTOP News, Voted as The Best of DC Real Estate agent in Washington City Paper Readers Poll, and more...

Owner of the Greetings Virginia Sales Network Associate Broker in VA, Broker in MD

Instructor at Moseley Real Estate Schools – The teacher for new agent

Co-founder of the premier real estate website

Dan Rochon is a Certified Practitioner in the Art and Science of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Washington DC Hypnosis Center. He is a student of human experience and potential.

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